looking up.

Mar 19, 2012

The rough week is over and things have been looking up. I can honestly say that I grew up in the last few years, even in the last year with the bakery getting up in the works, saving money, being on my own. It's an exciting feeling realizing that I am growing up. I am friends with tons of younger kids that are just getting into college (friends younger siblings) and I can see how different I am.

St. Patty's Day was amazing.
Did I go drinking and get wasted? Nope.
I went to Freehold and visited Sur La Table and bought tons of kitchen stuff for my bakery. Yes. That is what is exciting to me and I love it. I love that Steve went with my and helped me pick out things that I couldn't decide on. He is just so supportive of my baby business.
We ended up at the movies after shopping. 21 Jump Street, we both enjoyed it and love popcorn! We were surprised when we used our AMC Stubs card and we still had $10 on it. SWEET!
Cooked a nice dinner together and watched Doomsday Preppers. When I say that we cooked dinner together, we actually did cook together; not just me cooking and him sitting in the kitchen with me. I love cooking together, it makes it so much easier and fun when it comes out tasty.

I have an order on Wednesday for Dr. T! That's really exciting. I know a few other people that want to order from me too and I am so excited to bake!! Especially since I just bought a new cupcake pan specifically for this. The ones I have at home are just not as good as I think they can be.

I am extremely distracted in class so I need to pay attention..
Week 11 tomorrow!

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