Apr 6, 2012

Growing up I never felt any pain, it never hurt and when the doctors would ask me if anything hurt in the morning (or ever) my answer was always no. I grew up never thinking about it and basically pretending that whatever was going on with me did not exist. I did not want to learn more about it or what could be better. I barely too medicine because I hate swallowing pills, but it never effected me that bad.

Now that I am older, I told myself that for one of my resolutions I would take my medicine once a week like I am supposed to. What's funny is that the pills are so much easier than injecting yourself with a liquid that burns as it goes through your skin. Who wants that nonsense? And I have kept to my promise.. I take it once a week. So why does it hurt more now?

Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. Also known as JRA.
But is it still juvenile since I am no longer a juvenile and I am an adult?
Always, always, always, "I thought that was only for old people." WRONG. It's like an old body with a young soul. My body aches in the morning and I take a hot shower and it gets better. My neck is hard to move but I deal.

This morning.
I made myself a bagel, got in my car on my way to work and realized that every bite I took from the bagel was a shooting pain through my jaw. *sad face*
I have no idea. I just knew that it hurt like hell and I stopped eating it. I took an Aleeve to try and ease the pain but it doesn't help as much as I would like. So I made an appointment at Columbia University with a Rheumatologist for Wednesday and lets hope it doesn't get any worse. Steve, being the great boyfriend he is, is going with me because I am not a fan of driving in the city, especially parking in the city. Parallel parking is basically a nightmare for me even though you need to do it to pass your exam.

Happier note.
It is Friday. Work is quiet because most people have off for the holiday.
AND John brought me in a chocolate bunny for Easter :) I love my "cubicle partner." I only say it in quotes because we are not really in a cube, it's more like a hallway.

I am also very excited because I get to open my Easter bag that my parents had sent me.

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