they're engaged!

Apr 5, 2012

And by they, I don't mean me!
Our good friends Pat and Linda are finally engaged and I am so excited for them! They took a trip to California for the week, I have been dying for this for at least a month now. I found out a while ago when Steve went to help him look, it's very exciting :) I am extremely excited for when they come back so I can hear all about it, because you know, that's what we all love doing.. hear the story. Steve and I are going to take them out to eat since we haven't seen them in a few weeks and to celebrate this news.


It's so pretty!

Other than that, there has not been much going on in the world of Sammy. I have baked a few times for my roommate and a coworkers birthday but not much else. Mini cupcakes have been somewhat of a new hobby. I need to perfect the standard ones but the minis are just so cute. Confetti and red velvets. I love the feeling of happy people eating what I bake, especially when they don't realize it's vegan. It makes it all that much better.

I have been on a spending spree with scrapbook supplies and I need to slow down! There is just so much stuff that I want it's really hard to resist. I found a scrapbook store near my house, it's about 10 minutes away with no traffic so after work I am going to venture over there and see what I can find. I am really hoping they have the Amy Tangerine sketch book and some other 6x6 paper pads. I was so excited to find this place! I always see people talking about scrapbook stores and I always order stuff online, stupid shipping. But lets hope!

I will let you know how my venture goes and some info on it for any of you who live in the area.

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