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May 17, 2012

My week so far. We just got passed hump day and continue onto a lovely sunny Thursday. The weather is finally beginning to get sunny and warmer weather. I like being able to eat outside at lunch, even if there aren't many tables to eat at.

A short look at the week so far:

I love dinner dates with friends I haven't seen in a while. Thai food and good conversation :) We were meant to be friends.

Walks in the park on sunny 80 degree days. Chasing geese into the lake and lapping up water. Her favorite way to drink water is probably from a fountain/hose, this is as close as we could get to that.

My impulsive shopping led me to Nordstrom for some summer TOMS shoes. I took the picture to contemplate it over, but when Steve needed to go back to the mall yesterday for his phone, I knew it was fate. Hello summer wedges, I will love you always. Next step is the classics. I can't wait for summer.


Serious conversations on what to do about life, I'm not sure anyone really knows what to do. Or at least most of us. Do I really want to be in school far away from my best friend? Not really. Do I want to be on the west coast? Hellz yes. In due time I will be there. You know when people say that they just know they should be somewhere? Well, that's the feeling I get when I think of sunny California. It just feels right for me. But until then, I will work and attend school and see where life will take me.

On another note, I think I broke our printer and will not be able to print pictures for Project Life until.. who knows when? I am looking into buying a printer of my own so I stop abusing poor Priscilla's. I will keep tabs on what layouts will look like, but until then, my life will have to do.

PS. I think I am going to search through photos and try to kickstart my 366 again. I have taken pictures everyday, maybe not with my good camera but it could still work.

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