may showers?

May 21, 2012

Since when does it rain this much in May?
I think the months have shifted one over and I hope that next month is no rain and all sunshines. The one thing I can be thankful for though, is that the weekends have been BEAUTIFUL.

I am so behind on scrap booking because we don't have a printer *sad face* but after some time researching I bought one yesterday that will be delivered tomorrow! Lets hope that it works well and I don't have to return it, especially since I ordered it from Amazon and it's always a hassle doing that. Then I will be back on track! I think I have been less interested in this book because I am so behind, but when I look back on the pages I fall in love with it. We are almost at half a year, how crazy is that?! I will need to order a second book because mine is way too full. I organized it a little bit last night and added post-its to what each section was.

This passed weekend was really nice.
The weather was perfect, minus the falling pollen that made my eyes hurt.
Fifa got to run around on a bike ride, she loves those and Steve and I had an up and down weekend, with more ups than downs. Talking about the future and not knowing what to do always makes things harder, but we will get through this one way or another. Our future is bright and I am happy to spend it with him.

^^ this was after the run for her and walk for me. I like to snuggle with her :)

Another happy note?
I was accepted into the graduate program of the School of Management and Labor Relations at RU! YAY! So exciting! Finally, I have been waiting forever for this. But now it means 2 more years of school and I can not decide whether this is for me or if I want to move away? All these "what ifs." Now time to contemplate on the future..

Like what's for dinner.
What classes to take.
I hope there's no traffic when I leave.
And I hope Fifa isn't doing anything bad in my room.

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