one week.

May 1, 2012

One week until my 25th birthday! How exciting! :)
Another milestone birthday, then after that it's 30. Woah. That is still a long ways away and since I am still mistaken for a teenager, I don't think it will make much of a difference by the time I'm 30 and when I was 25.

It is only Tuesday and I can't wait for this weekend. Cinco De Mayo in AC for our birthdays, aka me and Steve. So exciting. We went last year for our birthday's and it was a good time. I wanted to look for a dress so I could get fancy, but my luck I am super small and it is really hard for me to find something that will fit. I know, everyone rolls their eyes at me when I say this, but it really is hard to find clothes that fit when you are the size of a small teenager. I did buy myself some new shoes though :)

I love me some Jessica Simpson shoes. I have been looking for plain black matte shoes for a really long time and it wasn't until I saw Priscilla wearing these that I knew it was love at first sight. I have this dilemma though, my feet are awkwardly two different sizes so I ordered both the 6.5 and 7 and will see which one fits better. I tried hers on last night and she has a 6.5, which are broken in so we will see if the 7 is more comfy on my random bigger foot. It isn't so bad when I wear sneakers but when you are wearing heels they slip off and it's not easy. Especially at 5inches.

There are a few more that I would love to buy of hers, they have another one that same shoe but 4in, that might be better for work related stuff like looking for a job or going on interviews. I will eventually buy those, one day haha. But since I spent money on shoes, I will only look for a cheap top.. aka Forever 21, but once again they don't have a lot of stuff in my size. Small is just too big.

I am also excited for Thursday because it's Steve's birthday and I bought him a little extra gift so I could actually give him something for his birthday. And I love to make him happy :) I am trying to make his card instead of buying one but it isn't working out as well as I want it to so we'll see. I have a few days left.

Later today I will take pictures of my Week 17. For some strange reason this week was really difficult for me to put together but I did most of it last night. Pictures today. Post later tonight.

Now is time for some lunch.

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