the week so far.

Apr 26, 2012

Besides the weather being really crappy and dreary this week has gone by pretty fast. It is already Thursday and Fri-Pay will soon be approaching :)

Unfortunately I have to go to the animal hospital today for work, I don't really want to but I will be helping train the new girl on reception. I find it funny because I work once a month, if that, and a lot of stuff has changed so I hope that I know what I'm doing as well. There are moments where I really really miss working there, I think it's the organizing wanting to be in charge part of me that misses it. Being praised always helps too because it made me enjoy it that much more. I also am excited because I can stop at Whole Foods while I'm down there and pick up some much needed items. Maybe I'll stop at Trader Joes too. I am going to bake some cupcakes for work so we'll see how much time I have, not that it matters because I love to bake anyways.

This week:
Banana Cinnamon cupcakes made
A in Collective Bargaining!!
New baked mac and cheese recipe made
U-Yee dinner (finally in Steve's words)
Birthday so so soon!

I can not wait until my birthday/our anniversary! Then I can finally know what Steve has been up to!

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