weekend recap.

Jun 18, 2012

After an extremely boring week my weekend turned out to be pretty eventful. We drove down to South Jersey to clean up the yard for my parents, after four weeks of not mowing a lawn it is terrible to try and cut. Or at least that is what Steve told me! He had to mow it twice and while he mowed I did some weeding. My thighs could feel it a day later from the squating. Saturday morning we went to the beach (if you could not already tell). The state park/beach allows dogs on it at the less crowded beaches, by Steve's suggestion we took Fifa with us. Now the pictures look like a blast and she is so cute but do not let that face deceive you because she was a handful on the beach. Barking at every other dog, growling at people walking by, getting sand everywhere. I got a tad frustrated with her but we did have fun. She played in the water and ran away from the waves (which we loved). It was adorable seeing her run around.

And today.. Happy Father's Day!
My parents are on their way home today so I was not with my family on Father's Day so I spent it with the Prew family.

Saturday night, Steve and I made cupcakes for his dad. Golf themed cupcakes! Because he loves golf. It was my first time working with marzipan and the grass tip (#233) and it looked pretty decent!! I was very pleased with our work. Steve made the decorations, he enjoys it. That is his golf cart.

Today was time for cooking out and spending time with Brian and Rachel and his parents. I got a cute shot of the three of them playing with their childhood RC cars. His dad has been fixing them up in the garage and they had a blast zooming them around the driveway.. with Fifa chasing them and trying to bite the tires. I thought it was cute that all of them are wearing khaki shorts :)

It was a great weekend. And a half day of work tomorrow so I can pick up my parents (who I haven't seen since November [dad] and February [mom]). YAY!

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  1. What lovely beach shots, Sammy.
    And those are the cutest father's day cupcakes I have ever seen. What a clever idea!
    Ronnie xo


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