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Jul 11, 2012

Fourth of July // we decided that we didn't want to do anything crazy because traffic would be too much to handle for us. We went to Veggie Heaven in Teaneck, NJ. It's up north near where the NYC fireworks are so we tried to reach them. It was not easy, AT ALL. People are everywhere, cars, walking, biking, we just about gave up. We got stuck in the Pathmark parking lot, Steve had to get out of the car to direct traffic so we could make it out. We saw some of the fireworks from that parking lot. Heading back home, hopped on the Turnpike, and had the BEST view of the fireworks. So we pulled over and watched the ending- best place ever.

AC girls weekend // Priscilla will soon be leaving me and I can't tell you how sad it makes me to think about, but we had a delightful weekend dancing and dancing and more dancing. Great laughs and weekend.

BEST NEWS EVER // One of my best friends recently got engaged to his girlfriend Elizabeth. I hope that none of my friends read this or anyone that isn't supposed to know until the weekend but I can not wait! I have been waiting since Spring for him to tell me that he asked her. I love love love it. I am so excited. They are just too cute. When I received this photo, I screamed I was so excited.

I am behind on Project Life, but I knew that would happen. I just do not have time with class. As we speak, I am sitting in class listening to a guest lecturer. Obviously not paying too much attention. I will start.. Maybe.


  1. Congratulations to your best friend! That's wonderful news.
    Ronnie xo

  2. ahh good ol 4th of july traffic. but you got some good shots of the fireworks so kudos to you and your friends ^o^

    congrats on your friend's engagement! that is too awesome! i wish them the best :DDD

    alex @


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