Jul 16, 2012

I miss my dog. I miss my dog. I miss my dog! Since school has started, my life has been nonstop reading, studying, working on homework, cooking, cleaning, and trying not to pass out at work or class. Exhaustion is the word and I am it. I got Fifa back for Friday night before we took her to my parents house and as you can see, she is just as exhausted as I am. Her week has been filled with children constantly wanting to play with her, take her for a walk, chase her with terrifying robot toys, and swimming. She finally got some rest and when she was with me for those few hours, she slept.

Now she is with my parents in South Jersey and I miss her dearly.

I decided that I need to better my photography skills, which means I need to start carrying my camera around with me more. I am that tiny Asian girl that walks around with a big DSLR and takes pictures of random items because I can.

I spent Saturday with Steve's family, his brother was up from Florida with his 3 kids (M. C. & B). We all went out to dinner and walked around a small classic car show in the town that we went to dinner. They are all adorable in pictures and crazy in real life. So much energy and so much talking, it is hard to keep up for me, especially at half energy. I enjoyed their company and taking pictures.

When we got home we had some desserts, mini vanilla cupcakes that I made; specifically vanilla for Steve's dad (pictured there too). It was a great time. Afterwards, I passed out at 9pm and took a nap because my body could not handle any more.

Sunday was a day filled of reading and playing catch up on life. Project life is a few weeks behind and it will continue to stay that way until school is over. One week down, four more to go!

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend.

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