project life | week 27

Jul 26, 2012

Week 27 up and running! I was a rebel and I skipped class yesterday; originally to work on my take home exam for another class that the professor never posted so.. there's that. I kept checking so I could work on it and it never showed up, still not there. So I was still productive and worked on PL.

It seems so long ago: 4th of July. NYC skyline of fireworks. Magic Mike girls night - best thing ever. How they are coming out with a second one, I am not really sure and don't really care because I will still go see it.
I had taken two days off around 4th of July so I could relax before class starts (because it's crazy) and we went to Dorney Park for the evening. It was hot and muggy, I got injured on a roller coaster at the end so we went home after a few more rides. My neck needed some heat and Aleeve. Funny pictures of Fifa because Steve loves to mess with her, I am so thankful for him and my parents for taking her for the weeks I have school. I posted before how my best friend Craig got engaged to his wonderful girlfriend, now fiance, Elizabeth and I could not be more excited for the two of them.
The death of me..
For week 27, I added an insert about my outing in Atlantic City with Priscilla. An awesome weekend that we had a blast; dancing, eating, tanning.. nothing better than that. I used Photoshop Elements to type on the picture of our hotel explaining our night together. We were photo-bombed by this guy at the restaurant/dance floor, it was very amusing looking at the camera and seeing that, we turned around and he was there. Not creepy at all.. We did a photo booth, I love love love those, and somehow we paid $10 for 4 strips. We only wanted two but it did not give us change back and we ended up with 4.
Very simple title card.

Sneak peak at Week 28.

Sneak peak at Week 29. I loved taking this picture because it was full of color. Shopped at Sweet Lulu and Freckled Fawn for some colorful decorations for Priscilla's going away in August and washi tape for Project Life and whatever else I can think of. I loved the packaging that Sweet Lulu came with.. lots of pink to cushion.

I will be posting Week 28 & 29 either tomorrow or next week.
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