Jul 27, 2012

Last night in class we had to do a group discussion on the Public Sector work and how to make the government run better, versus running it like the private sectors. Boring right? Not as much as many may think. Our group is very diverse and we always seem to be that one that doesn't think like the others, it's fun. But we mentioned the word recognition and it led me to think that most people don't get recognized as much as they should. People go under appreciated all of the time and I'm not sure if people realize how much being recognized does to a person, or at least myself. When I do a job and I do it well, I love when people notice my hard work. Everyone loves a compliment. I love getting an email that says someone left a comment, I love when my boss understands how hard I am working.

So here I am, on a wonderful Friday, letting everyone know or even just one person who reads this, that I am thankful for it.

recognize that when my Starbucks coffee is perfect it starts my day off right

recognize how helpful my parents are for paying my Fall term bill

recognize how hard my parents worked to give my brother and I a great life

recognize that they earned and fully deserve their retirement

recognize the importance of family & friends

recognize even though some people do terrible things, it does not mean everyone out there is the same

recognize working hard will get you places

recognize I am imperfect and that is okay

recognize we all need a little more compassion in our lives

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