Aug 9, 2012

What that picture is really telling me is that I need to clean my screen more often.

This picture explains a lot of how things are going lately. I bought a normal non-mechanical pencil and sharpener for the first time in about 10 years for $1.25 (10 pencils + sharpener!), colorful paper straws in a reused jar with some washi tape, and a framed card from Valentine's Day that Steve gave me. It shows my creativity is coming out (totally on the list), I love the framed card and plan on hanging up on a photo wall above my bed. We never used the paper straws at the going away party, I think people thought they were decoration and not for use, oh well. And in the background, you can notice Fifa with Santa Claus from a few years ago. Awesome.

I have been cleaning and reorganizing my room a little. I wanted to decorate more but I talk myself out of it more and more because I will only be there until June. School is over in a few days and I will start taking more pictures. I can not wait until the Fall, as a teenager/college student Summer was my favorite season and now that I am a little older I think that the Fall season and cool weather is making its way to the top.

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