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Aug 10, 2012

I love to document my life through a lens, whether it be an iPhone/point-and-shoot/DSLR.

I think scrapbooking through Project Life is awesome, but this gives me a chance to post photos of pictures that I may not use in my scrapbook. Some of these are probably going into the book though.

Steve is bringing Fifa back to me today. I miss her so so much, especially when he sends me pictures of her. If you can not notice, he gave her a haircut and decided to shave only the sides of her. Yes, she has a mohawk. Why? I have no idea, he thought it would be really cute and since I am a nice girlfriend I am letting him keep it on her for now. She really does take the best picture, such a funny looking dog.

One year vegetarian! Oh my goodness, I can not believe it has been a year already. Some people are shocked to know that I have only been a vegetarian for a year, they usually think longer, which is amusing since my home friends still can not believe it. I love it though, I doubt that I will go back to eating meat any time soon, maybe never. We'll see. I cook so much more now that I am a vegetarian. I could never be vegan, only because I LOVE ice cream too much to give it up, but for the most part I eat vegan at home. It is really exciting, for me, to realize I have done it for a year now; when I started dating Steve I told myself "I could never do that!" and here I am! I eat so healthy now, fruits and veggies, organic, vegan, water - holy cow I am so different!

Graduate School. I love it. I actually thought I had next week of classes, but I handed in my project and just finished my paper so yesterday was my last night of class for the summer! YAY. I seriously love my classes. Discussions, debates, learning. It's all so new to me. I was never a huge fan of science in undergrad, but now it will pay off my graduate school and I can not complain.

P&S. We are awesome. I took her out to dinner last night to The Cheesecake Factory for one last hurrah together. Our friendship is so great, one year and I would have never imagined I would find such an awesome friend. I wish her the best of luck with John and I can not wait to visit her.

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