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Aug 28, 2012

I forget to add the title page to the PL posts and since I have been a few weeks behind I am just now posting it. I had to start a new book after week 26 and finally finished the title page. I forgot to photograph Week 31, so I skipped it for now!

Week 32 // 8/6/12 - 8/12/12
During this week my one year vegetarian anniversary happened, my roommate moved out (and yes, I cried), Steve built my cupcake stand and sent me tons of pictures of Fifa with captions, I finished my summer classes, and had a movie date night.

Week 33 // 8/13/12 - 8/19/12
Taylor Swift announced her new CD will be coming out in October (!!), I am a teeny bopper for her, not really any others. I went to visit my mom and we did some shopping together, it has been forever, I bought 3 new pairs of jeans at American Eagle. When they say "under $30" they really mean $29.99 so it defeats the purpose, but they fit really well and for me, I am really small so it is difficult to find something that fits correctly without shopping in the children's section. I received two A's = 4.0! Great start. Last Friday some coworkers and I ordered White Castle, they have no veggie burgers so I went with cheese fries, onion rings, and mozzarella sticks; I had to compete with unhealthy foods so I ordered unhealthy too haha. We spent one Sunday at a Rotary Car meet, the entire day. Steve came in 2nd place, bummer but it was still fun.
I used my new stamps from Studio Calico to make the card. It made me happy to have A's! Sorry this is so blurry, it was getting dark outside and I hate using flash. I have been loving these stamps.

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  1. Fabulous pages. I love how you included movie tickets. I need to do that sometime! Also, congrats on the 4.0!

    Marla @

  2. So fun! Love all the pieces of everyday that you threw in there. Love it.

  3. I am a few weeks behind myself, and looking forward to catching up!
    Great spreads Sammy.
    Ronnie xo

  4. This is so wonderful, what a lovely idea!

  5. i love your house. how much are they selling it for. i should buy it. HA

    1. they're keeping it!! :)
      they decided a few days ago they didn't want to sell it haha


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