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Aug 23, 2012

It deserves its' own post :)


I always love to hear about how people meet. I find it to be one of the best stories people can tell about themselves. You ask the question "so how did you guys meet?" and you watch their face light up like a Christmas tree as they tell you the story of how they met the love of their life.

So, how did we meet? [insert huge smile here]

I can tell you the exact day that I remember meeting Steve, he will tell you a different side of the story because yes, we met a few times before and I never remembered him, but that is not the point. We met (according to me) April 30th, 2010. Also known as Rutgersfest. My last one as a undergraduate college student. My roommates and I all went out to the concert, had an interesting time, and found ourselves back at our apartment keyless. Why? One roommate lost her keys and phone so she stayed behind with her boyfriend, I gave him my keys because I assumed my other roommate had hers. I was wrong.

When we arrived back at our apartment, Steve was standing on the stairway watching his car, waiting for a parking spot. He was friends with the guys who lived directly above us. We had to climb through our window, over the balcony; Steve decided he could not help, watching his car was more important. I remember thinking jerk haha. Later in the night, his friends came down to our apartment to hang out and we talked, who knows about what.. dogs, Weimeraners, Android cell phones, etc. The night ended and I thought I would not see him again.

A week later, my 23rd birthday. My last birthday at Rutgers (I thought), I went out to the bars with friends and ran into Steve again. He says he planned it, that he came to his friends house to see me discretely. We exchanged phone numbers. I am pretty sure I was "drunk texting," my one and only time ever. I am not a drinker, I do not enjoy it very much, but it was a celebration of my last year at school and I felt it was well deserved. The next day we planned a date.

May 12th, 2010. Why do I know these dates so specifically? Because I was flying on cloud 9, butterflies in the stomach, all those cliche feelings. We also decided later, this would be our anniversary date. The date of my last undergraduate final exam as well. We spoke at dinner about him being a vegetarian (I was shocked), him wanting to move to California, life after college, and whatever else you talk about on a first date. He even noticed my tattoo right away, it is not very noticeable either. I remember going home with the biggest smile on my face, my roommate noticed. We went on 3 more dates before I left for Thailand.

Two and a half weeks of a blissful vacation with my family. Spending an amazing time in this beautiful country that I will continue to return to and everyday, probably two or three times a day, I emailed Steve. We emailed back and forth everyday, gchatted, and I could not believe how much I missed him. I still have all of those emails, I love to look back and read them, read how we got to know each other so well. When I came back to New Jersey, he was there waiting to pick me and my brother up. We spent the entire weekend together. Amusement parks and car drifting shows. We spent every moment getting to know each other, learning different things, and then I knew, this was the person I was going to spend the rest of my life with.

It sounds so cliche. It is the movie moment where it only takes a few weeks to fall in love, I always scoffed at the thought of it being true, until it happened to me. I fell in love with the best person I could ever ask for. I remember telling myself it was too fast and I needed to slow down, I was afraid of being hurt, but it felt so right. And I remember every moment of that weekend like it was a movie playing in my head.


I love love. Tell me your story. I would love to hear it.



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