a baking adventure

Sep 29, 2012

After 12 hours of baking, the outcome could not have been any better.
I loved setting them up and seeing the final product. I catered my very first wedding! I can't wait to try it again!! I loved the cupcake stand, Steve did a great job on it. I definitely over bought supplies, but I am sure I will use them again soon.

She wanted her cupcake to stand out more and she loved the color pink so naturally I had to make the icing pink.

I made both of their cupcakes a little bit more unique so you could tell the difference.

My roommate is awesome and came to help me set up. The lighting in this place was no an ideal place to shoot photos, not for me anyways haha.

The final product and me! I was soooooo happy with the way this turned out! The cupcake stand looks beautiful and all the cupcakes fit!

I have no idea what these cake toppers were but she said that they were Toki Doki (?) dolls, "till death do us part," get it? So cute! I loved the way that the tie turned out, it was not easy making that thing!

I can't wait for the next big thing!


  1. Good job on the cup cakes! It all looks lovely! (and I'm sure it tasted fantastic too)

    1. they loved them so i was extremely happy with that! thank you!

  2. That is AWESOME Sammy! I never realised what an incredible baker you are!
    Love the idea of making the bride and groom's cupcakes stand out like that... what a creative genius you are!
    Ronnie xo

    1. thank you thank you! :)
      it was a lot of work but still fun!


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