project life | week 42 & 43

Nov 13, 2012

Week 42.

I love love love these Ali Edward's Days of The Week stamps. I like using them for the "This Week" type of cards. I also used some Kelly Purkey stamps for embellishments on different cards. AND stamps from my mini stamp shop. I have become obsessed with rubber stamps, I think most of us have caught the fever.

Week 43.

The best news this week? I guess I have two big thing:

1) Taylor Swift's new album RED came out and I absolutely love it because I am a T-Swizzle fan.
2) My trip to Thailand! WOO-HOO! After speaking with my parents about it I decided I wanted to visit them before I started my Spring semester. January 2 - January 20th. HOW AWESOME! I haven't been since May of 2010 and I can not wait to visit again. BEST. CHRISTMAS GIFT. EVER.

The biggest hurricane I've seen in my lifetime was predicted the Sunday of this week and next week I documented a lot of it. It was a rough time and it still continues to be a rough time. Revive. Rebuild. Restore.

I am trying my hardest to keep up with Project Life! School is coming to an end and research papers will be due in just a few weeks so PL will be put on hold for a little while or not as up to date. Other than that I still love this project and can not wait to continue it for 2013! Documenting Thailand will be a-ma-zing.


  1. Love your week 42 title card, very pretty. Hope Sandy didn't get you too badly.
    Have fun planning for your trip to Thailand!

  2. I like all of the stamping you did- looks great!

  3. Well done you for keeping up with PL!
    I'm excited for 2013 too!!! When are you going to Thailand?
    Ronnie xo

    1. New baby I can imagine how excited you are! :)
      I will be going in January from the 2nd to the 20th and then I start classes on the 22nd, jet lag here I come! haha

  4. Thailand ?! AWESOME! I know it'll be a great time for you. Love the PLife pages too <3


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