qotm: moving on

Mar 15, 2013

This is from He's Just Not that Into You. I watched this last night and never really listened to the end of it. It is a cheesy chick flick but you find the moral when you want to; I found it. I found it in this quote. Because for me, in this moment right now, it is so true. I could not be happier with my life right now, I am sure in this instance if I were sitting on my couch watching a movie with him, instead of on my own, I would have been happy; but not in the same way. Not in the empowering way that I know I am capable of, I would have never found myself.

These lessons in life are hard, but when we learn from them they teach us more than we ever thought we needed to know.

How do you cope with being blind sided?

Is it easy to move on? Does it ever stop hurting?
Do you stop caring? Or stop thinking?

It's not easy.
And it hurts for a long time. But you learn.

You learn to deal with what has happened and you move forward.
You do not let it destroy you, but empower you to be something better.

I will never stop caring or wondering how he is because it is who I am.
I care, no matter what the circumstances because it is me. And I will not stop being me.
But one day, it will fade..
a distant memory I grew from.

For now, you fill your life with happy moments and surround yourself with people who care. Care about you and your well-being.

The happy ending is moving on.
And one day there will be another.


  1. Yes, THANKFULLY it does fade.

    You've handled this thing so magnificently. I wish I could have (or would have rather). Instead I got angry, bitter, and vengeful. LOL :\ Although, I had his child, so I guess that brought on a new dimension (maybe?).

    What was I saying? Oh yes, you've handled this whole thing maturely, & I'm glad you haven't dabbled too much in anger and bitterness, because it literally does NOTHING for you. Energy is definitely better spent on making your own life great.

    1. thank you :)
      that post from This American Girl helped a lot!
      i have been in the situation where i was bitter and angry but after the last relationship i was in i didn't want to be like that anymore.

      things are going very well.


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