weekend recap: fifa

Apr 7, 2013

Finally, the weather is picking up. It is getting into the high 60's and 70's and spending time outside is a must. Warm weather means Fifa being outside for almost the entire day. She loves it and so do I. The fenced in yard is probably the best thing ever for her and I can leave her outside for hours without worrying about her. Unconditional love is what I have for this dog, my fur baby.

She made sure to wake me up Saturday morning to go outside and play. After an entire day outside she is exhausted, I love this part too. Today was no different, I even sat outside on the porch to do homework while I watched her run around. It is going to be in the mid-70's this week. Yes. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well :)

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  1. Ha can I put Dominic in your fenced in back yard so he can burn off energy too ;) ?

    Love the photos Fifa is so cute (you are too).


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