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Apr 20, 2013

And the countdowns begin..
My birthday: 18 days
Graduation: 3 weeks
Cape Cod: 4.5 weeks
Disney World: 8 weeks.
Moving to California: undetermined, but definite.

Yes. Three weeks until graduation. And I can not wait because those girls are awesome. I am so happy I met them and they make graduating that much better. AC for "senior week" and my birthday, decorating our caps, and just having an all around blast before we finish our Masters degrees. Three of us will be taking a summer class together and spending a lot of our time at the beach too.

My life right now?
Once again a roller coaster of emotional craziness. I think I blame PMS for a lot of it but I also think that being an open book has been my gateway to feeling better.
My life is falling into place. My future is looking brighter and I am happier than I have been in a long time. I am finally looking beyond what happened and understanding that we learn from our mistakes and you grow from the experiences in your life.

I find myself reconnecting with friends and enjoying it so much more than I used to.
I find myself not having to worry about what someone else might think of my actions and judge me for being the person I am.
I find myself branching out.

California is in my sights and I can feel it. As the weather gets nicer, I can feel myself enjoying it all-year-round, not just for the summer. My grad school friends say no and want me to stay but they're excited because they will have someone to visit. My coworkers are sad because they will miss me but they are beyond excited for me to graduate. A party to be planned. I love my job. I hate science but love my coworkers. But that is still far away.

Vacations this summer.
Beach every weekend.
Graduation. Graduation. Graduation.
It's what I am thinking about right now. I worked so hard for this and he was the reason I did it so quickly, I am so thankful for that.

But for now I will enjoy my life because I deserve it.

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  1. You are so close & it'll come up so quickly! I say go where you desire to be. I've always figured if you desired something so badly, than its probably meant for your life <3


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