may goals

May 1, 2013

Graduate. Graduate. Graduate.
Apply. Apply. Apply.
Continue to work out - lower abs please show up.
Catch up on Project Life. I am so behind!
Enjoy spending crazy nights with good friends.

Really, these goals are not that hard, but I am keeping it simple.

My head has been clouded these past few weeks with finishing school, work, and playing games with someone I don't want to play games with. I am getting my head straight and forgetting the pettiness. I don't need it. I am too old and too busy to deal with boys. Over it. As one of my friends put it: only put energy into people who put the same out.

Graduation is 17 days away.
I start applying to jobs today. I told myself May 1st I would begin. So here I go.
I am only 25 for one more week. I will never be 25 again. I will be starting 26 and loving every minute of it. I am going to be twenty-six! And I look about 17. Oh well.

I bought my graduation dress. I love it.
I bought a dress for Atlantic City graduation celebration/birthday celebrations. If I do say so myself, I clean up nicely ;)

May is going to be a fantastic month.

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