accidents happen

Jun 16, 2013

Some unfortunate events occurred Friday night.
As I type this, it really isn't that easy with an injured left hand. Thank goodness it wasn't my right hand.

I am hoping, begging that my car isn't totaled. It actually doesn't look that bad but the airbags deployed, which saved me from a world of even more hurt. The knee bags also deployed. I am doing okay. A little banged up and sore but doing alright. I sprained my thumb, a few burns, and some cuts on my face; but alive.

What happened?
Well, I was driving through an intersection and someone made a left turn and the guy after him made the left turn as well. So I crashed into the side of his car. Is it my fault? No. He turned in front of my car when he shouldn't have so it's not. He tried telling the police officer it was my fault because it was a red light, well it wasn't dude, it had just turned yellow. Luckily for me, an off duty police officer and his wife saw it and stayed there with me to talk to the officer.

Right before vacation on Tuesday, ugh. I have to go to the doctor Monday and I hope I don't have to wear this while in Disney. If I do, I will have a terrible tan line. I am happy I am okay and nothing worse happened. I am hoping my car is okay, I love that car. I know it sounds crazy but this is the first car I have ever owned that was manual and I paid for it myself. It reminds me a little of him and it holds that special place for me.

I sound a little nuts but I'm hoping things work out.

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  1. :( Car accidents are always scary. I totaled my Pontiac on icy roads on the freeway a couple years back BLECH. I'm glad you're okay. The "other" person always tries to lie- I'm glad someone stayed to tell the officer what happened.


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