dear someone

Jun 10, 2013

Dear Someone,

It's been a while and I hope you know that I still think of you once in a while. I hope you are doing well and everything in your life is working itself out the way you want. I think of you at random moments, smile, and move on with my day.

Although things fell apart, I hope that one day our paths cross again and we can reconnect. Reconnect a friendship which was once extremely strong, I could always count on you for anything. I am sure if I needed you today, you would still be there even through all of this. We find others throughout our lives that forever change us as people and you were one of them. My life would not be the same if it were not for you and I am so glad I met you and was able to spend some of my life with you.

I wish you the best.
I loved you very much and hold a very special place in my heart for you.
I hope one day you will forgive me for whatever wrong I have done to you and know that I forgive you.
We all need to do what is right for us and I can not blame you for it.
You are capable of doing extraordinary things, remember that.

So the chapter closes. I hope we both find someone who will spark that fire in us who will make us smile. We deserve it.


P.S. You are missed.

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