currents: june edition

Jun 30, 2013

loving my new car in the driveway

hoping the rain will finally slow down in July

waiting for 4th of July weekend

excited to drive my car tomorrow

working on my Project Life from March

admiring Fifa's new haircut

searching for jobs and apartments (yuck)

realizing my need to slow down and take a break

thinking about a vacation to visit my brother

reading between World War Z and Bared to You ;)

dreaming of a new beginning

watching random movies on TV

catching up on reading blogs

eating my favorite fruit - watermelon (another favorite about summer)

listening to Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke on repeat

embracing the new soon-to-be 'beginnings' of my life


  1. Congrats on the new whip! Are you searching for jobs and apartments in CA or locally?

    1. I was apartment searching in NJ then changed my mind lol and job hunting all over the country.. anywhere!! SOMEONE TAKE ME PLEASE!!


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