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Jul 2, 2013

I know, March was forever ago.
I might have caught up on everything if my printers Wi-Fi kept working. I am halfway finished through May and will photograph April soon!

It seems so long ago.
When I look at the title and it says 'moving on,' I can really feel comfortable with how things have turned out in my life. My life has worked itself out quite well.

I need to work on taking photos of my pages, I am usually in a rush when I do it so that doesn't help. Anyone have any advice?

I heard that quote while watching He's Just Not That Into You and it hit a soft spot for me. I think it really helps.

An insert from my trip to NYC with W! We are headed there again in two weeks and I can't wait! I love taking day trips there, especially in the summer time. I really enjoyed the vegetarian festival, August will be two years as a vegetarian - oh gosh! And I love the photos W takes, he's pretty good at it and I am usually the one behind the camera.

I added two recipes. The card flips open like a mini card.
The parfaits are amazing to have for breakfast. I love the soy yogurt from Silk, it is delicious.

I changed my approach to Project Life in the next few months, I went with an easier simplistic approach. I haven't used a lot of the embellishments from the Core Kit because I have been so busy. So simpler = easier. I still love this project, looking at it throughout the year really is amazing. It is so touching to see all the new and old people in my life.


  1. I love your title card!! and the simplicity of your layouts - it gives your photos room to breathe :)

  2. Wonderful layout! I just love that collage of your pup, too cute.
    Don't feel bad about posting March, I just posted a spread from August of last year!

    1. haha thank you!
      that makes me feel better then!

  3. great photos and I love the use of the quote with the exit sign :)

  4. Blah, I've kept up with it, but I haven't been sharing it. I got done with week 25 and decided to go with smaller pages, so I don't feel the need to take as many photos :) LOL

    Anyway, ENOUGH about me, I love your March layout :D.


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