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Jul 16, 2013

I have been on the move, a constant move.
Not saying that it's a bad thing but I haven't had a moment to just sit.

I traveled to NYC again with my friend W. We went to the International Center for Photography and the Museum of Modern Art. I wanted so badly to visit the rain room but it was full. It was an exhausting day of walking and walking and more walking. Totally worth it though. I never used to like NYC, the busyness of it always intimidated me. I love it now, can not get enough of walking through the city. There are so many places to eat that I would love to try, I'm just not there enough.

Another heat wave approaches and it is gross out.
Even the beach is hard because it's so muggy outside, but the water is starting to finally warm up. I love swimming in the ocean. It just feels so open.
My beach weekends are as constant as I can get and my ice cream intake is almost everyday (seriously, I have a problem). I have been to the beach more times this summer then the last three years. It. Is. Wonderful.

I am thoroughly enjoying my summer.
It's amazing what a few good friends and an open mind can get you.
I find myself laughing more, smiling more, and just enjoying more about life than I ever have. I don't know what it is about this year that has made me open up. I just feel like things are going right.
All I need is a new job and things would really be falling into place!

Now if only I could catch up on Project Life..

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