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Jul 11, 2013

After reading this post, this post, and completing my summer class, I realized how much I need to slow down and enjoy my surroundings.

My professor gave a lecture on how she moved from Michigan to New Jersey and could not believe the difference. She realized how fast paced we were, we talked all the time, and interrupted conversation when there was the slightest pause in speech. We, or maybe just me, do not know how to slow down when we talk and really listen to one another.

I am guilty.
Guilty of thinking about what I want to say next.
And not focusing on what the person is really saying.

 I need to pause.

Take a mental break.
And listen. Really listen to others.

I loved This American Girl's idea of the "to do" list.
I love lists. Love them.
I love to check things off, it makes me feel accomplished in my day. I am also guilty of writing things down in my planner that I've already done, so that I can check it off. Crazy right?

Well, my to do list today consists of my intentions on fulfilling things in my life that I truly enjoy.

+ I want to bake something new and share it friends, because I love baking and having people enjoy it.
+ Go out to dinner and laugh until my stomach hurts.
+ Exercise because it makes me feel good.
+ Listen to music that touches my soul.
+ Connect with myself and how truly happy I have been alone.
+ Take a moment and just live.

It has been a blessing in disguise to be alone.
It never occurred to me that I would take that moment to find out what I want in life and in a partner.

So breathe.
Walk slowly.
Smile at strangers.
Hold the door open for the next person.
Give your seat up to the elderly.
Reach out to someone.
Go outside.
And just genuinely enjoy life.
Because this is all we have.

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