currents: september edition

Sep 25, 2013

embracing the chilly weather, hello Fall (;

waiting for my hairpin legs to come in

anxious about the bills coming in; help!

exercising with Fifa on our daily 1-3 mile walks

trying to come up with a cheap Halloween costume

excited for P's visit in less than two weeks

thinking about applying for the MBA program

eating the apples me and Ry picked with some dark chocolate peanut butter

drinking my usual Starbucks soy caramel iced coffee

organizing the planner with bills, vacations, and football games

so happy I stayed for the whole RU vs. Arkansas game; best game I've seen

anticipating the comeback of Parenthood on Thursday

getting my nails done in Fall colors; love it

rereading The Omnivore's Dilemna by Michael Pollan

wondering why people keep questioning my vegetarianism so much lately

listening to New Found Glory's Pandora station

learning from the past

but loving how 2013 has turned out for me so far, I was totally ready for it


  1. I feel like Fall has been a symbol of mending for me and some of my favorite bloggers. Heartache, in all it's forms, can be so debilitating, but so beautiful when we look back on it at a later time.

    I loved this little September list and I am super excited that not only do I love this little blog of yours, but that you're a Parenthood fan too. :)

  2. Good job on getting your walk on! I love that you consistently plan vacation for yourself. <3 Great list


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