why i went vegetarian

Nov 8, 2013

A lot of people ask this question and sometimes they understand, sometimes they scoff at the idea, but being a vegetarian is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

After reading this article, I realized just how happy I was to not eat turkey on Thanksgiving. Actually, how happy I am to not eat meat in general. I don't condemn anyone who does, it's not my place to say what anyone else decides to do, which confuses me when people try to challenge my beliefs. They wonder why I don't eat meat, so I question why do you eat meat? Oh because your parents said it was okay or because it tastes good, well it doesn't to me. Not anymore.

My friends truly believed the only reason I went vegetarian was because Steve was a vegetarian. Well, no, you're wrong. Yes, he is the reason I am one because without him I would have never thought about it. But he is not the reason I am one. I did my research and I made the decision on my own. Books and documentaries on the things that happen to such innocent creatures, it breaks my heart. That article made my heart hurt.

I do not agree with factory farming.
I do not believe that animals are here for humans to consume.
I do not think it is a necessity to eat meat because I can get my protein from somewhere else. Protein isn't only in meat.

The health benefits are a plus, I feel better because I don't clog my body with unnecessary foods. I try to eat less processed foods because it's not good. Environmental reasons, too. The factory farming and feeding of corn to animals is ruining the environment. The gases being produced and the uselessness of it all.

Someone once said in passing how his friend was vegetarian because of the animals and it was a stupid reason to do it. Why? Because we care about how other living beings feel? It's just as good a reason as for health reasons. I really just hate factory farming and the abuse people instill on animals. Not just the meat industry, any type of intentional harm for amusement.

So here I am, a vegetarian for 2+ years. Preferably a vegan eater at home but cheating while I dine out. But I'm happy with my decision and I am open to hearing what others have to say but don't discount what I have to say because you are being close-minded.

Trying new things doesn't have to be permanent.
I can't say I'll be a vegetarian for the rest of my life but I know for this time, I am extremely happy with the choice I have made and that is all that matters.

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