Jan 3, 2014

As we start the new year, three days in, we reflect on events of the past year. I did that in this post. I recapped the years events, good and bad because who are we without remembering the terrible moments in our lives?

I have had this blog for two years on the 12th, I can not believe time has flown by so quickly. When I first began this blog, it was meant for my Project Life posts (which slowly dwindled) and to keep anyone (who cared) updated on my life. It gets hard to keep up with the blog because my life is not always that interesting, but I would like to begin blogging more. More for myself than anyone else because I started this for me. Everything else will fall into place on what I write and who reads it. I really hope to get a better grasp on keeping up with my blogging. I will continue to do Project Life, I just need to play catch up... a lot.

You will be great.

What do I have to look forward to?
     +  Graduate school (again)
     +  Turning 27
     +  Many trips to Florida
     +  Various road trips I will take to visit friends
     +  Family returning
     +  A new job? Let's hope

And I leave you with this..

Thank you 2013, you were a huge growing experience for me. I appreciate every single thing.

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