vacation part one

Jan 4, 2014

Christmas in Seattle is much warmer than Christmas in New Jersey.
Much prettier too.
I love this city, so much.  Almost as much as I love California and if you know me well enough, I love California.  Seattle, you are filling big shoes.

I spent the holiday's with my brother and his girlfriend A.  It was an exciting and exhausting week.  We actually spent Christmas dinner with his friends from Boston, who also relocated to the West.  There was about 10 of us; eating dinner, playing video games, chatting about random nonsense that is life.

We did a lot of touristy things, just like we did last time I went to visit.  I wanted to visit Pike's Place again, hoped I would get to visit the first Starbucks but since it was the holiday week, it was still pretty busy.  Oh well. I did enjoy some cupcakes and a small letterpress shop!  I love letterpress, so much!

Seriously, I could see the Space Needle 100 times and still be amazed by it.  Going anywhere in the city we could see it.  Nuts!  I could totally see myself moving to Seattle, it's so me.  I really think I just adore the West Coast because the people are so different; they're nicer!  Also, the fact that it is so full of vegetarian/vegan foods is a HUGE plus for someone like me... a vegetarian!

Great suggestions for any vegetarian/vegan visiting Seattle:

+  Mighty O's Donut
+  Any Caffe Vita coffee place
+  Wedgwood II Vegetarian Thai
+  Molly Moon's Ice Cream (Stumptown Coffee flavor, yum)
+  Plum Vegan Bistro
+  Red Papaya Ale & Spirits
+  Rocco's
+  Mecca Cafe
+  Oddfellows Cafe
+  Umi Sake House

Holiday vacation part two to come tomorrow!


  1. seattle looks AMAZING! you're such a great photographer!! these pics are beautiful - makes me wanna go!! :)

    1. thank you!
      it def is an amazing place to visit!


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