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Feb 13, 2014

I have been MIA due to the fact that my schoolwork has taken over and my laptop was not connecting to my Wi-Fi until last night.  So I am back!  Huzzah!

This month has been good to me so far, excluding the snow because I despise it with everything I have right now.  So. Much. Snow.  Today, we were hit with another 6-8 inches of snow, the fluffy kind at least.  It's been eventful, almost every other week for the past month and a half the university has closed.  These days are boring at work, but I get school work done.

B came to visit this past weekend and I was more than thrilled. We took a mini road trip to Baltimore to the aquarium and stayed with his friends.  It was a fun nerdy night of board games, old school video games, and watching speed runs of video games.  Like I said, nerdy night, but it makes me like him that much more.

The weekend went by too quickly.  My heart hurt when we finally had to say goodbye.  This weekend was really good for me; it put me at ease and allowed me to be more comfortable with us.  The way he communicates is an amazing thing for me, I am terrible at opening up my feelings in relationships. Insecurities can do that to a person. But he truly is an amazing person to be around.  It is getting harder to say goodbye each time. I can not wait to visit WPB though, sunny, warm weather! Five weeks and counting.

Besides a wonderful weekend with him, school has been good so far.  An A on my first paper!  *victory dance*  I need to catch up on Project Life, take pictures, do all of those things I keep saying I am going to do.  Keeping warm and playing in the snow, hoping so much the snow melts soon and warm weather approaches.

I hope all of your winters aren't as harsh!

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