polar vortex

Feb 5, 2014

Go away polar vortex, winter, and snow.
It has been awful on the East Coast for weather.  I am sure the mid-west isn't too thrilled either but I'm not there right now so I guess I forget.  I mean, look at Atlanta - they got two inches of snow and they went into a frenzy.  Everyone keeps saying 'well if you've never driven in snow before, it would scare you,' I guess that is what I like most about living in the north east.  We are well rounded in the ways of the seasons.

But fo'reals.
Go away snow.
My car this morning was encased in a sheet of ice.  Fifa is not a fan of trying to find a place to use the restroom either.  I can't blame her, I wouldn't want to go outside either.
The problem with the weather is how heavy the snow has become and today, it is freezing rain.. YAY! This makes me want to move to California so much quicker.

On a happy note, B will be here this weekend and I am elated.  It has been over a month since I last saw him and a little part of me is dying inside with the distance.  We have both been very busy with class (me) and work (him) so it has been difficult to get some 'one-on-one' time.  Skype date here and there when we both have time.  It will be a good weekend and if the weather permits, a mini road trip to Baltimore. The distance has been rough, but we are slowly working out the kinks and learning about each other.  I know there are the skeptics out there but who cares right?  My life, I'll figure it out!

I hope all of you are all surviving the weather!
Hopefully soon I can post my Project Life update from 2013.  I haven't been home in enough time to take good pictures.

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  1. Spring will be here before you know it (maybe) Have fun with your guy <3


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