currently: march edition

Mar 24, 2014

disliking the cold weather and possibility of snow tomorrow

wishing I was still in Florida's sunny weather

nervous about my exam, since I didn't study (oops)

happy to have spent 4 days with B

planning his birthday weekend and present package

excited about my new couch being delivered on Sunday!

disappointed the Expedit 2x8 shelf wasn't in stock, I need somewhere for my crafts, darnit

procrastinating on Project Life more and more

eating healthier because I've been terrible this month

drinking more water and soy chai lattes

needing to put together my gallery wall

watching The Blacklist, new episode tonight

listening to the hum of my space heater

catching up on all my regularly read blogs, I'm so behind

searching for new vegan recipes to try

counting down the days until B comes to visit [11 days!]

keeping up with 100 happy days, 26 days in so far

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