100 happy days // 2

Apr 4, 2014

I finally have figured out how to upload my pictures to my MacBook! 
It was as easy as saying hey iPhone, trust this computer. Voila. 

This project has really made me pick out the simple things in my everyday. It has made me happy to realize all the little things that truly make me happy. I can see a pattern in some of my photos: Fifa, friends, food, and the shoe shots. But hey, it works for me.

I am on day 37, as of today and so far so good. I have seen a ton of people start this project and I hope I can be one of them to finish it. 63 days left to go. A lot can happen in two months.

You can find part one here.

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  1. I am the absolute worst at this picture! LOL but I love seeing your photo everyday <3 & I'm having total beach envy :)


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