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May 21, 2014

Yes, I am fully aware it is Wednesday and I am doing a recap of my weekend, which occurred almost towards the new weekend. Whatever, it's my space right?

Although my birthday was a few weeks ago, I went to Atlantic City to spend it with some friends. It has not been nearly as crazy as the past years when I have gone down there with tons of friends in tow and blaring music in the hotel room. It usually ends up with an old couple calling security on us because we are too loud at 10pm. C'mon, it's 10pm on a Saturday night - I'm ready to dance. This was a somewhat low key birthday. My friends bailed. Thanks. I was meeting some other friends down there who were celebrating a 30th birthday - kind of a big deal.

My best friend showed up with his girlfriend and we gambled for about two hours before they had to head home. Working and being an adult really does suck sometimes. I ventured off to find my other friends and the night was the kind of night you would want on your 30th birthday, as a guy. Strip clubs and alcohol. Thanks to yours truly, I am a bit of a sweet talker, I was able to get us into the strip club after we were turned down (who wears shorts when you're trying to go out dancing?). I was able to talk our way to a table, then to a table on the floor, where we picked out lap dances for the birthday boy.

Yes, this sounds sleazy and inappropriate, but it was all in good fun. It was celebrations.

But the weekend got me thinking, when is it time to grow up?
I am 27 years old, but I live in a college town, I work for a university so it's hard to seem grown up when my surroundings are the same. I guess the fact that I look like I'm still 18 doesn't exactly help my cause for grown up status. I still wear American Eagle because it's the only thing that really fits, I don't dress up for work -  I wear jeans and a t-shirt.

My friends are getting engaged, having babies, and I'm over here like hey, what bar are we going to this weekend? But I'm happy with it. I am nowhere near ready for children, I have no idea if I want children. Engaged? I can't even keep a boyfriend longer then a few months lately. Although, long distance has made it rather difficult to be with B, maybe it's because I need to get my head clear.

All I know is: I will figure this out one day and right now, my focus is on what makes me happy; not what will make others happy.

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