maple-glazed tofu and brussel sprouts

May 16, 2014

Hello to one of my new favorite recipe blogs: Cookie and Kate.
I don't recall how I stumble upon most of the foodie blogs I follow, but when I find a good one, I fall in love.

Being a vegetarian/vegan it is difficult to find recipes I use as my "go-to" types. I like to reuse and on occasion I make the weekly breakfast-lunch-dinner menu to make it easier on myself when I get home from a long work day. I wish my kitchen had more counter space, but that is a whole other story.

I am not a tofu fan. Why? Because I despise draining the water from it. I am terrible at it. I should just buy the tofu press but I have not indulged in it. For now, it is paper towels and heavy books. For this recipe you definitely have to get the water out because it doesn't soak up the flavor as much. This recipe was delicious, I mean it made my meat eating friends actually enjoy eating tofu and vegan! I love those types of recipes.

Notes for THIS recipe:
+ get the water out of the tofu (always the case in any recipe)
+ when coating with cornstarch, I would mix it in a bowl because a lot of it didn't coat my tofu, probably use more then 1 tablespoon
+ maple syrup instead of honey for a vegan version
+ 2 teaspoons of Thai sweet chili sauce, I like it so much more then sriracha
+ rice cookers make cooking rice easier

I highly, highly recommend this recipe. It will go into rotation for me!

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