currently: june edition

Jun 25, 2014

working on the new gallery wall in my apartment

eating tons of watermelon my mom precut for me (!!)

drinking iced coffee every morning, perfect weather for it

counting down the days for #sammyvaca

planning beach days for the weekend

trying to figure out how to uncomplicate my life a little

reading blogs about blogging and how-to design blogs

designing pretend baby shower invites for practice

searching for baby shower cupcake ideas for P's shower in August

laughing at Harlow and Sage Instagram videos

flicking through channels because I have no shows to watch

listening to music I played in high school, need new stuff!

enjoying the summer weather, minus the humidity

catching up on all the blogs I am behind on, damnit school you get in the way again

obsessing over how much I love vegetarian pho

attempting to blog more because I miss it

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