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Jun 23, 2014

Being a 27 year-old single girl, working full-time at a university, while going to night classes, with no real responsibilities gets difficult to update a blog. Every podcast, blogger, or how-to blog site explains that consistency is key, but it's definitely easier said then done. My life does not revolve around the blog because it's not my full-time job, but I do love it.

So what does a 27 year-old do on the weekends?

It's always hanging out with friends or a recovery weekend from every other busy weekend. The majority (let's say 99%) of my friends are in similar positions as I am; the no children grouping. All of my friends who have children or are soon-to-be parents, don't live near me -- they all live out of state. Most are not married, with a few in serious relationships, but still in the stage of "I'm just having fun." When I was younger, I could have sworn I would be married with children now, but I'm happy with where life has taken me so far.

This weekend consisted of hanging out in Pennsylvania with a few friends..

Pancake cook-off.

Box mix vs. homemade from scratch pancakes. Box mix pancakes with crushed up chocolate chip cookies mashed in, basically anything he could find pancakes. I would like to believe the scratch pancakes were the winners. Fluffy pancakes for the win!

Fifa enjoyed her time there, she loves having a fenced in yard. I also like how easy it is to wear her out when we have a yard to play in. Throw ball. Catch ball. Run back. Pretend to give ball back but don't. Rip ball from mouth. Throw ball. Repeat.

Spent Friday night at a baseball game for a 31st birthday celebration. I love baseball games. As much as I tried to pay attention to the game I'm pretty sure we socialized more then actually watching the game. Oh well. Ten dollars well spent. Fireworks on a Friday night in the summertime? You really can't go wrong with that.

It was a very eventful weekend and I am glad I enjoyed Sunday with my parents, shopping with mom and watching FIFA World Cup with my dad and, what do you know it, Fifa. I hope you all enjoyed your weekends, they are always way too short for me.

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