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Jul 9, 2014

I spent the fourth down in Florida visiting B for a few days and it was a nice getaway.
We spent most of the time taking naps and eating out. I am a huge fan of naps, eating out - not always. It has been my experience lately, his area is not keen on the vegetarian, mom-and-pop lifestyle that I love so much. It poses a problem to the future of me moving down there; I'm not sure I could handle that!

It was a good time overall and I was happy to spend it with him and his coworkers/friends. Being able to set off fireworks and not have to worry about getting into trouble over it was an amusing part of the process. I had never been into a fireworks store so it was crazy to see how much they spent. New Jersey has none and it is illegal to set them off, but so is Florida. I was most excited about sparklers because I'm about 10 years old, ya know? They're fun! You can't blame me!

I met one of his friends from college who brought his 6 month old with him and B takes the funniest pictures when holding children. We both have the same reactions to it, I think. He's much better than I am haha. One day I am sure I'll get better at it, but until then I'll stick to holding dogs and children that can walk themselves.


Classes are almost over so I can't wait to have more time doing things! Like planning my trip in Europe! Woo! I will return with a bang when class is done and I've had a few ideas on wanting to change the look and updating more often. Let's cross our fingers.

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