for the love of pho

Jul 13, 2014

It's probably a weird obsession I have at the moment.
It's probably a phase that I will move on from because I will be so sick of eating it, but for right now, I am in love.

In love, with pho.
A vietnamese style dish, which usually never comes vegetarian. Why? Because it is typically made in a beef broth, not very vegetarian of me. But I found a place, a place so wonderful it thinks of the small population of vegetarians, who want to try something oh so delicious without giving up our ideas. Vegetable broth! You have saved the day.

I finally found one which serves a vegetarian dish, it has a little section dedicated to us lowly vegetarians and I visit this restaurant almost once every other week. Like I said, obsessed. The employees even know when I come in there what I'm going to order, the only reason for me to look at the menu is to decide what drink I would like, if it's Tuesday. Two pho Tuesday!

And last, but not least, mochi. Oh mochi, mochi, mochi.
Red bean, you are my favorite. Taro, I wish you didn't come on the dish. Green tea, runner up to the best. You can almost guarantee that I will order dessert no matter how stuffed I am with food. It has to be frozen because if it's not, it's pretty gross. I'm also always afraid while in the process of cutting it in half, it will fly off the plate onto the floor. It has yet to happen and I'll keep crossing my fingers it doesn't.

Now that I have made myself hungry for it and regret talking so much about it, I am going to go back to studying! Enjoy the last World Cup match today and the last parts of your weekend!

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