Jul 27, 2014

Brian stayed with me two weeks ago, an entire week together! Unfortunately, I still had to go to work those days, but it was a nice surprise every time I got home and he was there to greet me. One day I had come home and he surprised me with flowers. I love the smell of fresh flowers in my house. It's truly wonderful. We were so busy every night, even when it was just relaxing on a Friday night I was drained. An eventful week(end).

We decided to visit Baltimore again to see his friends from college.
We picked a good weekend to go since it was the biggest art festival in Baltimore. #artscape2014
His friends also got a new puppy three days before we came so they were still crate training and getting used to having to take care of a puppy. So friggin' cute. He was precious, so tiny! Italian greyhound, 12 weeks, Sam. Yes, we shared a name. Lots of jokes that weekend.

I was extremely excited to finally take out my camera and snap a few pictures. It has been so long since I've been able to really take photos. I switched out my lens and put my 50mm f1.8 back on, my tried and true. Seriously, I love that lens. I know it crops close and you have to walk farther out to take portraits but it is such a good lens. The bokeh is amazing, the low light capabilities are great too. Overall, my fave. I am renting a lens for my Europe trip with the future possibility of buying it, way too much for me to spend right now.

Okay, back to the story.
I go off a tangent sometimes, my bad!
Anyways, we walked around Artscape for a few hours and I snapped away at pictures of them. I really didn't get any photos of us except on my phone. The trusty iPhone 5! It was hot, but not humid; easy summer weather with tons of people walking around and artsy things going on. Spent most of the time browsing but nothing to really buy.

Played some nerd games, Settlers of Catan, I'm actually amused at how much I enjoy that game. Competitive, too. I came in second. So close!! Most of the weekend Jesse and Brian played Mario Kart and Magic. Yes, Magic: the Gathering. A true nerd. He's so cute.

Now this week, I am planning baby shower games and things.
Brian and I are on hiatus, I know it's confusing because he spent the week with me, but my life is complicated. Or, I just make them complicated, who knows. I need to figure it out and right now being alone is what is best for me. I enjoy his company, his conversation, him. Right now, I'm just not ready. Not for serious long distance commitment. I want to focus on me. Me, for once. We remain friends and talk, we're definitely more than friends with those feelings, but we'll see.

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