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Sep 19, 2016

Part of this whole DIY experience has been new to me.
Liam is a much more experienced DIYer since he has the two homes he has been working on for the past few years. My experience is followed by watching HGTV and my mom do things around our house in New Jersey. She would ask and say, you should learn this and I would casually wave her off like yeah yeah, I will. Spoiler alert: I never did. She drove with me four hours away when I moved here to help me put my IKEA furniture together (which I can do alone but would never want to) and to put up my curtain rods (this is something I could can not do). That is a whole different subject though, I'll learn it now that I've openly said it I am sure Liam will make me do it.

Anywayssss, we are here to talk about how we I decided on the new paint colors for the bedroom and spare bedroom/living room. Many people think we are trying to renovate the entire house, for the record we are not. We are only renovating the 1) bathroom, 2) kitchen, 3) stairwell, and eventually 4) the real living room area. The bedrooms have been completed, except for one detail I could not live with and that would be: the paint colors. He painted them last winter, I remember this because we had first started talking and he said he was painting his house. He had sent me photos of the said rooms and what the colors looked like, I even remember him coming out to a trivia night in the middle of painting because he wanted to hang out with me. It did not occur to me until I saw the colors in person that they were very, how do I put it? Nursery-like-colors. I refer to them as canary yellow and baby boy blue.

When I decided on paint colors it was after extensive Pinterest-ing, blog reading, and most importantly listening to podcasts. The Chris Loves Julia podcast is by far my favorite DIY thing to listen to, I will listen to episodes 2 or 3 times to remember everything and, it's just enjoyable to me. Episode 16: I Am On A Drug, It's Called Paint Sheen was a learning experience for both Liam and me so it was great to listen to together. This is how I chose the living room color, I loved how it looked in her photos and decided it was the one. Now this is not how they say you should choose because editing pictures, furniture, undertones, etc. it can all be different but it turned out great for us. The second color for the bedroom, I chose based on the woods and colors that would go best with this, Google was my friend here and that is how I decided (again, not always recommended).

The spare/living room:


Color: color matched to Benjamin Moore Hazy Skies at Home Depot
Side note: that patch used to be a heater we removed because it was ugly and probably not functional. I have not repainted over that spot yet, work in progress.

The bedroom:


Color: color matched to Benjamin Moore Gray Wisp at Home Depot

We have decided on the bathroom paint color, but still need the hallway/kitchen color. I like neutral grays if you haven't noticed already. I think I like the idea of pops of color with neutral walls, easier to match I think.

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  1. So nice to see a blog about something similar to what I'll be doing ! I'll sure keep catching on to see how the reno/deco goes !
    Hazy skies sure does looks wayyy better than canary yellow ha !


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