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Sep 17, 2016

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I like moodboards.

They show you ideas of what you want in a room and you can see if everything actually flows together. I never thought my Pinterest board would be full of different rooms and actually trying to piece them together, but here we are today. If you haven't noticed yet, I will continue to be surprised at the dilemma we are in and the renovations we have decided to undertake ourselves. If you don't like it, you might want to stop reading now! Or don't because I like people being nosy in my life or being interested in it.

When I showed this mood board to my friend K, she mentioned how it was very white. It's true, I love white done right. All of my dream bloggers do white and I am envious of how good they are at designing it all. So instead of doing it all white, I decided I wanted darker walls to contrast everything going on. Benjamin Moore Black Pepper. Thank you Young House Love for the inspiration of color because I don't think I would ever choose a dark color like Black Pepper. When you see photos, it is more of a dark blue but I still like it.

One added pop of color will be plants. Plants. Plants. Plants! I want the house to have plants to help clean the air and bring some natural elements into the space. I can not guarantee that these plants will last longer than a few months (who am I kidding, weeks), but I do still want some of these. String of pearl, snake plants, pothos plants, so many decision green thumbs!

Also, a bathmat. I want colors in it. I have not decided what rugs or light fixtures. I open the door in Pinterest and design blogs and I get sucked in to the point where I forget what I was looking for in the first place. It's a black whole of inspiration or distraction, whicheer you see fit.

Anyways, we are going to enjoy our renovation-free weekend. We are headed to New Jersey this weekend with Sheila, her first long trip. We will be picking up the cabinets, counter tops, and sink at IKEA this weekend. YAY! One step closer to mini-dream kitchen.

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