reno update: what's going on?

Sep 23, 2016

We are one week away from move in day and I am sure you are all wondering, so how is it going? You are thinking we are moving my things into storage (two spiders were spotted and destroyed) and getting ready to put the finishing touches on the bathroom. The paint is done and everything is going smoothly, the floors have been picked and everything is wonderful.

You guys think so highly of us. Thank you.

If this is the image you had in your head, please do not be surprised when I explain that the house still looks like this:

And we are nowhere near being done with the bathroom, the essential part of moving into the house. There are bumps in the road, you know: life, work, school, life, travel. It has not been easy. I know everyone thought we were doing great and we were at the beginning but so many unforeseen things happen and we don't have a Chip or a Joanna to say "hey, can you shove out $3,000 more to fix this and don't worry, we have all the resources we need to get it done." This renovation has crushed my HGTV dreams and made them more realistic.

This also happened:

No worries, everyone is okay, he has a busted lip but it's fine. If my tiny little mom can fall through a ceiling and be okay, I am sure a guy like Liam can also be alright. The board he was holding actually caught him from falling through the ceiling, just put a huge hole in his dad's new apartment.

This past weekend we drove Sheila down to New Jersey for a football game and to pick up our IKEA kitchen cabinets! We made it all the way there and back with no problems until it started to rain 30 minutes from home. No problems though, everything made it back fairly dry.

Today is crunch day with Liam, myself, his mom, and stepdad helping finish the subfloor, possibly put up the walls and drywall, dump some stuff, and pack some stuff. It's going to be a LONG weekend but hopefully very productive!

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  1. It is exciting !
    It's nice to see those pictures, because we'll enjoy even more the labor you put into the home when you'll show us the finished pictures!
    Can't wait to see how it progress :)


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