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Sep 9, 2016

With upcoming birthdays and the upcoming year of 30 for most of 86-87ers, I thought I would pick out some fun ideas for gifts! As we have all grown up, many of my friends live all across the United States, mostly on the East Coast so still relatively "close," but far enough that we may only see each other once a year (if that!).

    01 | Homesick Candles, they smell like home, what could be better than that? A friend of mine told me about these and it was such a cool idea. Moving away from the place I called home for 28 years of my life and to be able to get a candle from New Jersey!? Um, yes please.

    02 | Address stamps, this is how I know I am getting old when you get an address stamp, but how cute are these? This would make my life so much easier when I am filling out and addressing my 25 Christmas cards, especially since the list of recipients is getting bigger.

    03 | Wine. I live in an area of wine country and everyone seems to love it, I have learned to start enjoying it. Enjoying the sweet, sweet wines of Moscato. Apple juice for adults as I like to call it. Baby steps on the wine for me, although Rieslings also have a place in my heart.

    04 | Bluetooth speakers. We have an old JBL one that we use, either brand is great, but this has been a life saver in entertainment with friends coming over, as well as renovating. Put on a Spotify playlist or Pandora and jam out while tearing down walls or painting. We also love it for listening to podcasts, I am slowly getting him into my favorite podcasts.

    05 | Letterfolk letter boards. I have been eye one of these babies for a few months now. I haven't pulled the trigger to buy one, I almost did when they were 20% off during the holidays but held off. Maybe after our renovations are completed I can convince Liam we need one in the new kitchen ;) They are super cute and versatile in any room, their Instagram is also hilarious to look at.

Enjoy your weekends, I will be heading back to Jersey for a wedding and taking some time away from home renovating! Poor Liam. But I will do an update on our first week for those who have not seen the chaos we have created together. Those of you who have seen it in pictures and in person know we're a little insane for how much work we took on!

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