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Sep 12, 2016

The impulse to buy a house had trickled down to buying the most important piece to our renovation experience and timeliness: a truck. Yup, I said it, a truck. This manicured, high maintenance girl is the proud co-owner of a 2005 rusty Chevy Silverado 1500! For many of my friends who know me well, they know that I am not a truck kind of girl, but I did grow up with a lot of truck kind of friends.

Liam has always wanted a “work truck.”

Definition of work truck: not necessarily used for work, but used to throw lots of crap into the bed of the truck to haul away from renovation sites. This truck will most likely be old, rusty but faithful and reliable in driving around and tough! She will have an 8ft bed to fit full sheets of drywall and a hitch for good luck (in hopes to one day have a boat to pull.) She will be used for hauling, moving, and picking up large items for self and close friends.

Now meet Sheila the Chevy:

We got lucky, really lucky in the timing and finding of this truck. A few weeks ago we thought about buying a trailer and hitch for our Passat or Jetta, which to be honest would not pull very much. We thought about a truck, but did not want to spend more than $2000 and that would have been the max budget. We struggled with finding something reliable and that cheap.

I searched Facebook sale sites near us, as well as Craigslist with no luck for a while. Then one day I found three potential trucks within our price range, close, and fair condition. I emailed the one and heard nothing back. I kept checking Craigslist in hopes of something else since I had heard nothing from the seller until it popped up on Craigslist the next week for $100 cheaper.

I emailed again.

There was this weird feeling I had about it popping up again for $100 cheaper and no response to my first email so I decided to email again but from Liam’s email. I thought maybe because I said my name as a girl they think I couldn’t possibly want this truck, but c’mon this could not be true.

It was. Or at least my assumption it was true!

They emailed Liam back a few hours later telling him the address of the truck so he could test drive it. WHAT KIND OF BULLSHIT IS THAT!? I had come to the conclusion the person was either sexist or racist (Hispanic last name, I’m stretching it I know, but I was mad!). He went to drive the truck and fell in love with it. The next day we took it to a local auto shop to make sure it was in good enough condition to drive. They gave it the thumbs up, rusty yes, but we live in New York with cold weather and salty roads and said it was typical.

The Friday before demolition day started we bought a truck, registered, insured said truck, and started driving it around and utilizing all of her glory. We started demo that night all through Labor Day weekend and Sheila was there to haul all of our trash to the dump, move some of my stuff into storage, and be the reliable work truck that Liam always wanted.

Thanks Sheila, we’ll keep you forever.
And I think all of our friends thank us too because it’s always nice to know someone with a truck!

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