reno update: part 1

Sep 15, 2016

We started demoing Friday, September 2nd.

It has now been almost two full week and it looks COMPLETELY different. By completely different, I mean we gutted everything and it looks dark and dirty. I can see it though! Through my HGTV-Chip-and-Joanna-Gaines-Property-Brothers eyes! It will be worth it in the end when I am no longer wearing a respirator mask to stand in the kitchen and bathroom. We have done all the demolition ourselves and plan on putting it back together ourselves with a little help from our friends (I hope that tune is now stuck in your head like it is in mine). I am sure a lot of my friends are thinking, Sammy? No way she is doing any of this hands on demo stuff. I AM!

We are doing the kitchen, bathroom, stairs, and sometime in the future the main living area. No one can believe we are doing it all ourselves, everyone says does he know what he’s doing? Yes, yes he does. I am dating a handy man! It is exciting since this renovation will probably cost us $10,000 without labor, we are saving a ton of money which sounds strange when I say we’re spending $10k.

Enough with the boring stuff, I know you’re only here to see the actual before and after pictures so I’ll get right to it:

The kitchen is hideous with its cream colored metal cabinets and white ceramic sink. The layout is awkward, the fridge is opposite of the window wall and was too big for the space so a lot needs to be done to make this my "dream kitchen." So we got rid of it all. There were definitely mice some time in the past because when we took the cabinets down there was mouse poop. Although, we have recently seen some and I have a strict no mouse policy so we need to get a handle on that situation!

Bathroom and laundry in one room is not so terrible, but when it looks like it does here, it's pretty terrible. The tub is old and stained, as well as the toilet. The spare cabinets are also metal cabinets. We gutted it all and decided not to reuse any of it.

First round of demolition. Large items out of the room than flooring and tile.

We're making progress and we have about two weeks to finish the bathroom before I have to move out of my apartment so let the fun begin guys! If you want to come over and help you are more than welcome to visit. It also looks completely different from these moments and pictures but time is valuable and I'll continue to update!

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