7 Planners for 2017

Dec 20, 2016

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Do you still use a real planner? What kind of planner do you like using?

When I finally graduated my last Masters degree I thought a planner was no longer needed. We have smart phones, tablets, and Google, to organize everything for us online but apart of me will never let go of writing things down and physically crossing them off of my list. It was about a year after school ended when I realized I loved writinga things down in a physical planner and went out and bought one. I won't lie, there are times I write things on my list that has already been done just so it can be checked off. Please tell me I'm not the only one in this boat. If I could use all of these planners at once, my life would be complete, each one has a little something different that makes it so awesome to use. The current one I am using is from Target because I'm a sucker for paper and Target. It goes from 6/2016 - 6/2017 and I am more of a fan of the full year instead of academic year so it is time for a new planner.

I chose this pretty little thing for next year:

This past year, for at least six months, I used one from Target (#7) and a few years ago I used #2 for about three years. The second planner I found on a trip to Thailand with my parents and it was awesome, but I think the spiral bound will be much easier for me this time around.

Is it weird to be excited for 2017 so I can use my planner? Oh well!

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